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internet marketingHow can you match potential customers to your product? Our Online Media department gets results. We offer integrated online media planning and buying, tracking, reporting, and optimization!

Each online advertising vehicle can act as a different way to get your message out. Direct response campaigns drive leads, registrations and sales. We can make solid contacts with your perspectives through permission email marketing campaigns and online sweepstakes. Search engine submission and optimization will place your Web site at everyone’s fingertips.

Get the word out with email

Chances are you’ve signed up for an email newsletter, contest, or given permission to receive information via your email. Like you, most Internet users have opted-in to receive email notifications. Email marketing differs from other forms of advertising in that the user has asked to receive your message. They want to hear from you.

Email Advantages

2webdesigned develops programs that make email marketing simple. You tell us who you want to target and your ideal results – we’ll do the rest.

Through email, you can inform your users of a promotion, give information about a new product via a newsletter, use colorful graphics to promote a contest and always end with a call to action. Email marketing can help you gain new customers and keep the ones you already have.

Email marketing is most effective when it correctly uses:

  • – Customer Segments
  • – Creative
  • – Offer and Timing.

Customer Segments

Sending your message to the right person is crucial. Before we blast, we compile a list of potential customers who will be eager to receive your message. These lists can contain established clients, new users who’ve shown an interest in your product, or opt-in databases from a third party. Customer segments can be chosen based on many factors, including their region, demographic and past transactions. They can even be determined by their operating systems.

Unlike television and radio advertising, you can decide who your target is and if they’re a potential buyer of your product or service. If you’re selling say, phone services, and someone is in the market for a mortgage we won’t waste the resources on that target. Because you’re not trying to talk to everyone, only the people who are apt to listen, you will save money.

Creative Email Marketing

Creating the message. A successful campaign has the right mix of elements – creative images, inviting tone, and intriguing copy. Interestingly, one of the most powerful parts of an email is the subject line because it determines if the user will open it or not. We take great care to craft the subject line to make it appealing.

Email Offer

2webdesigned has experience with multiple types of acquisition and loyalty-based programs. Acquisition campaigns can do several things – drive sales, create new accounts and build opt-in email databases. With loyalty-based campaigns, we keep you top of mind with your current customers and work to retain them as your customers (decrease churn). Through loyalty programs you can drive customers back to your site, inform them of features on your site and create interest in new products and services. You can also create online referral programs and use email marketing to communicate with potential customers. Overall, email makes it easy for your current customers to spread the word about you.


They say timing is everything and this is absolutely true when we’re talking about email marketing. Time of year, day of week, even time of day can be instrumental in reaching your target audience.