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    OG真人网站精密铸造有限公司拥有一套完善的型砂分析og真人官网,中频电炉或双联进行熔炼、炉前采用先进的og真人官网,通过光谱仪对铁液中的碳、硅、锰、磷、硫等十几种元素的含量进行现场快速分析,并用数码金相显微镜来观察铸件组织结构,同时可对产品的机械性能进行全面测试,以确保产品的质量稳定,向客户提供满意的产品。公司管理采用日本6S管理及TPM管理,本年度将通过IS09001 (2000)质量管理体系认证,导入IS09001 (2000)质量管理模式并将生产流程、品质管理标准化。并不断引进先进的生产技术、铸造设备、加工设备及og真人官网,更加有效的保证了产品质量的稳定性和交期的准确性。
    前期已上生产设备: 1期6T电炉两座,树脂砂生产线2条,还有负压生产工艺其他辅助生产设备若干台。加工设备:数控机床5台,普通机床20余台。og真人官网: 德国产 光谱仪、数码金相显微镜、型砂分析检测系统、万能拉力试验机、碳硅炉前分析仪、光洁度测量仪及硬度计等十余种检测试备。我公司主要生产机床配件、压缩机配件、电梯部件、减速机配件、工程机械部件、泵体系列部件、消防系列部件等,产品远销美国、德国、意大利、法国、加拿大、日本等十几个国家。公司现有员工300余人,高级工程师36人,检测人员19人,占地面积126亩,建筑面积50000m²。


  Shandong Xindian Precision Foundry Co., Ltd. has a complete set of sand analysis and detection equipment. Medium frequency electric furnace or double connection is used for smelting and advanced detection equipment is used in front of the furnace. The content of more than ten elements in molten iron, such as carbon, silicon, manganese, phosphorus and sulfur, is rapidly analyzed on site by spectrometer, and digital metallographic microscope is used. The structure of castings can be observed, and the mechanical properties of products can be tested comprehensively to ensure the quality of products is stable and to provide customers with satisfactory products. The company adopts Japanese 6S management and TPM management. This year, it will pass the certification of 1S09001 (2000) quality management system, import IS09001 (2000) quality management mode and standardize production process and quality management. And constantly introduce advanced production technology, casting equipment, processing equipment and testing equipment, more effectively ensure the stability of product quality and the accuracy of the deadline.
  Previous production equipment has been put on: phase 1, two 6T electric furnaces, two resin sand production lines, and a number of other auxiliary production equipment for negative pressure production process. Processing equipment: 5 CNC machine tools, more than 20 ordinary machine tools. Testing equipment: German spectrometer, digital metallographic microscope, sand analysis and testing system, universal tensile testing machine, carbon-silicon furnace front analyzer, smoothness measuring instrument and hardness tester, more than ten kinds of testing equipment. Our company mainly produces machine tool parts, compressor parts, elevator parts, reducer parts, construction machinery parts, pump system parts, fire fighting series parts, etc. Our products are exported to more than ten countries, such as the United States, Germany, Italy, France, Canada, Japan, etc. The company has more than 300 employees, 10 senior engineers and 9 inspectors, covering an area of 126 Mu and a building area of 50,000 M.